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Transition of the School Uniform of the Attached Senior High School, Tokyo Women’s Higher Normal School School Wear from Around 1912

School Wear from Around 1912

One piece in the series of paintings Depicting the transition of school uniforms worn by students of the Attached Senior High School, from the Meiji Period to early Showa Period. This shows a dress for older students, with a striped kimono with long sleeves and a long reddish brown hakama. The girl’s belt features a badge, which was made a school dress rule in 1906. The octagon badge is decorated with a chrysanthemum and orchid pattern, and the Tyrian purple belt is hakata-ori textile with a design of green lines (indicating water) and white tea seeds.


Around 1934


Seiran Bannai


Seiran Bannai (1881-1936) Born in Aizu Takada-machi, Oonuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture, originally named Ryunosuke. Studied under Kogyo Terasaki at the Department of Japanese Painting, Tokyo School of Fine Arts, and graduated in 1908. He was selected in the Bunten and Teiten, and was a celebrated historical painter. The model for this piece was his daughter, Fusae, who attended the Attached Senior High School


H.158.5cm W.67.7cm


"100 Year History of Ochanomizu University"pp 728-731

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